Hysham check station results listed

From Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

  The Hysham check station was open Oct. 8, 9, 10 Saturday, Sunday and Monday the opening weekend of antelope and pheasant seasons. According to station personnel Saturday was very slow; Sunday was steady and close to average for an opening weekend. Monday was steady to start with but dropped off dramatically by mid-late afternoon.

Similar to 2010, FWP personnel saw an older age-class of antelope, mostly in the 3-4 years and older range.  The vast majority of antelope that came through the check station were bucks; only 10-12 does all weekend and one to two fawns.  According to Erin O’Connor, 
The vast majority of the bird hunters coming through were hunting in FWP Region 6, particularly the Froid, Plentywood and Medicine Lake area.  From both Region 6 and 7, folks were reporting that they thought the populations seemed down. 

Published Oct. 26, 2011

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