Weather service offers winter safety reminders

From National Weather Service

  In recognition of Winter Weather Awareness Week the The National Weather Service (NWS) offices in Montana are offering winter reminders to help prepare for the upcoming season. 

You should take steps to prepare for winter storms before they strike instead of waiting until the storm arrives. Use the guidelines below to help you get started.
At Home and Work
The primary concerns during a winter storm are loss of heat, power and telephone service and a shortage of supplies if storm conditions continue for more than a day. Have these items available:
•Flashlight and extra batteries
•Battery powered NOAA •Weather Radio
•Extra food and water
•Extra medicine and baby items
•First-aid supplies
•Emergency heat source
•Heating fuel
•Fire extinguisher
•Smoke alarm - Test once a month
•Make sure pets and livestock have plenty of food, water and shelter
In Vehicles
Plan your travel and check the latest weather reports to avoid the storm. Fully check and winterize your vehicle before the winter season begins. Carry a winter storm survival kit with these items:
•Mobile phone and charger
•Blankets/sleeping bags
•Flashlight with extra batteries
•First-aid kit
•Extra clothing
•Windshield scraper and brush
•Tool kit
•Tow rope
•Battery booster cables
•Water container
•Compass and road maps
•High-calorie, non-perishable food
•Small can and waterproof matches to melt snow for drinking water
On the Farm/Pets
Take these steps before the storm hits to ensure the safety of your pets and animals:
•Move animals to sheltered areas.
•Haul extra feed to nearby feeding areas.
•Have water available. Most animals die from dehydration in winter storms.
•Make sure pets have plenty of food, water and shelter.

Published Oct. 19, 2011

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