Council cites maintenance costs in 52 percent hike on garbage rates

  The Terry Town Council unanimously approved a 52 percent increase in garbage disposal rates for Terry residents and businesses at a special meeting last week.

During the Wednesday evening meeting council members pointed to rising maintenance and operating costs for the increase, which will add $10 a month for garbage disposal service to town businesses and residents and $5 a month for rural residents receiving garbage disposal service from the Town of Terry. The Council also pointed to the fact that the garbage disposal rate had not been increased for many years.
Yearly rates for Terry residents will increase from $230 to $350. Rates for rural residents vary depending on distance, but all rural residents receiving garbage disposal service twice a month will see a $5 monthly increase.
Maintenance and operating cost increases cited included rising fuel costs as well as the cost to dispose of garbage in Glendive’s landfill. The garbage disposal rate increase will also be used to set aside a reserve for future equipment repair and replacement needs. 
In recent years Terry has used Glendive’s landfill for disposal of its garbage, with an average yearly cost of $30-35,000 per year to the Town of Terry, according to Town of Terry Clerk Lynn Strasheim.
Terry’s landfill, west of town, is rated a Class 3 landfill, which allows only the deposit of compost materials.
Grass clipping service on hold
Repairs being made to the town garbage truck used to haul away residents’ grass clippings are still underway. The majority of the repairs to the truck are being done at Kois Brothers in Billings. 
“They are going to resume that service once they get the truck back,” Strasheim said of the grass clipping service. 
Residents have been responsible to haul away their own grass clippings and other small debris this summer due to the loss of the truck, while it was under repair.
Zoning board meets
The Terry Zoning Commission met Tuesday evening at Terry Town Hall. It was the second meeting held by the 3-member board, that is discussing mapping and zoning issues for the town. 
No agenda of the meeting was available by press time.

Published Sept. 28, 2011
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