Artists share tile creations

With a little ingenuity and plenty of creativity as well as a guiding hand from pottery instructor Jody Haidle, 13 area residents have been meeting together to learn various pottery techniques. 
This year’s pottery class, which meets once a week on the top floor of the Grandey building, focused on creating tiles.
"I get a lot of ideas watching them,” Haidle said of the roomful of students. “That inspires me." 
Haidle pointed out that this is her second year teaching the class. 
The students are all working on projects of their own choosing. Along with varying techniques, the class has also learned to make molds to form their own tiles. 
While only one meeting time remains, the class is now concentrating their attention on glazing their created items in preparation for the kiln. 
One student shared that she plans to install the tiles she has created in her shower, while another is hoping to incorporate the created tiles into a floor design.

    Three of the current students  also participated in last year's pottery class, and several have already begun talk of ideas for future projects for next year’s course.  

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