Winners announced for 4th of July Rodeo events

Troy Vaira of Richey finished in first place in the bareback riding event.

  Results of the Terry Roping Club’s 4th of July main rodeo are as follows: 

Bareback Riding- 1st Place Troy Vaira (Richey)  with a score of 69;  
2nd  Place Marty Buckingham (Mile City) with a score of 62;  
3rd Place K.C. France (Ogden, Ut) with a score of 58.  
Calf Roping- 
1st Place Logan Brown (Miles City) with a time of 12.72;  
2nd Place Jake Folger (Miles City) with a time of 13.34;  
3rd Place Ryle Harms (Miles City) with a time of 13.49;  
4th Place Nathan Folger (Miles City) with a time of 14.49.  
Saddle Bronc-  1st Place D.J. Martin (Terry) with a score of 77;  
2nd Place Trevor Vaira ( Richey) with a score of 73; 
3rd Place Brett Burman ( Glendive) with a score of 71.  
Old Timer’s Ribbon Roping-  1st Place Kurt Wittkopp (Circle) and Shaylee Hance (Circle) with a time of 14.96;  
2nd Place Jim Howell (Circle) and Ava Rankin (Forsyth) with a time of  24.75. 
 Ladies Breakaway Roping-  1st Place Shaylee Hance (Circle) with a time of 2.81;  
2nd Place Josie Reiger (Plevna) with a time of 3.11;  
3rd Place Railey Fruit (Ekalaka) with a time of 3.40;  4th Place Allison Wittkopp (Circle) with a time of 4.58.  
Steer Wrestling-  1st Place Jesse Smalis (Terry) with a time of 22.97.  
Bull Riding-  1st Place Jake Loyd (Glendive) with a score of 67;  
2nd Place justin Swartz (Butte) with a score of 62;  
3rd Place Josh Davison (Miles City) with a score of 61.  
Barrel Racing- 1st Place Alexis Shipp (Miles City) with a time of 17.11;  
2nd Place Ava Rankin (Forsyth) with a time of 17.27;  
3rd Place Dana Penrod (Miles City) with a time of 17.32;  
4th Place Lana Tibbetts (Terry) with a time of 17.37;   
5th Place Kelsey Smith (Olive) with a time of 17.42.
New this year were the auction sales of two 63rd Annual Terry Roping Club 4th of July Rodeo commemorative Buckles during the Rodeo. The first one sold for $150.00 and the second sold for $350.00.
A calcutta for the Barrel Racing, Saddle Bronc and the Old Timer’s Ribbon Roping were also included, paying out a total of $3,168  for all three events.
The Jackpot Team Roping after the main rodeo had 81 teams entered Placing were: 1st Place Lowe and Cody Hutchison 3.99;  2nd Place Lowe and Jay Murnion 4.82;  3rd Place Knight and Cody Cox 4.89;  and 4th Place was Kenney Lowe and Cavin Murnion.

Published July 13, 2011

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