Terry pool to receive grant to help with leaking issues

For the Tribune

Prior to Memorial Day this year a funding request of $10,000 was submitted by the Prairie County Chamber of Commerce to the TransCanada Community Investment Program for much needed improvements to the Terry Municipal Pool.

On June 13th Bud Anderson with Western Energy Planning, who is an independent contractor for TransCanada, advised Chamber President Dale Galland, County Commissioner Todd Devlin and Mayor Ron Kiosse that the grant had been approved.  
Anderson gave a presentation with an update on the status of the Keystone XL pipeline at the monthly  Prairie County Chamber of Commerce held on June 8, 2011. 
Improvements to the Terry Municipal Pool include sealing the seams that leak water faster than the pump and filter could handle. In addition the pool walls and bottom will be completely repainted and a handicap accessible lift will be installed on the edge of the pool.
The pool is scheduled to open for the swimming season in time for the July 4th weekend.
For more information on this project please call (406) 853-4251 or email  tridemoil@aol.com

Published June 15, 2011

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