Eastern Montana Industries offers new recycling services

From Eastern Montana Industries

       Through the efforts of a number of local Terry residents and a partnership with Eastern Montana Industries (EMI), Prairie County residents will soon have more options for preventing some of their garbage from ending up in the landfill.  

Until recently, newspaper was the only material collected locally, so residents had to transport other items to Miles City if they wanted to recycle.  This past week two EMI employees, Mike Huston and Kevin Anderson, delivered a clothing recycling barn for placement in Terry, the first step to what hopefully will be a long-term partnership between Prairie County and the non-profit agency.  
Local residents who assisted with setting up the recycling barn were Tom Pisk and Marty Sackman.
Placement of the barn in Terry was spearheaded by Terry resident Vonnie Shannon, who also happens to be a long time member of EMI’s board of directors. Vonnie met with both county commissioners and Terry officials to establish both the need for additional recycling services, as well as find a suitable location for the recycling barn. 
The barn is located next to the newspaper recycling trailer, and residents can drop off any clothing, small appliances, or dishware that they wish to donate. Residents are requested not to leave larger items outside of the barn, as this causes an eyesore and weather damage to the items.  
In-town residents who have larger items in very good condition can call EMI at 234-3740 and ask for Lynn Hager, who may be able to arrange a pickup when EMI is in Terry emptying out the barn.  
EMI cannot take large appliances and is also limited on the number of larger household items due to limited space in their second-hand store, Woods & Goods.  
EMI’s executive director, Sherman Weimer, noted that all proceeds from the second-hand store are used to provide services to individuals with disabilities in southeastern Montana, and what can’t be sold locally is shipped to a firm in Seattle for distribution overseas.
Future projects include the placement of additional recycling bins in Terry.  This future project was made possible through a state-wide Department of Environmental Quality grant written by a Miles City grant writer, Jennifer Nagy, and sponsored by Custer County.  The success of this grant application was made possible through the strong support Nagy and Shannon received from the Terry City Council, the Prairie County Commissioners, and a number of Terry residents.  Once these recycling bins have been received,  a full update will be provided to Prairie County residents on this DEQ grant.

Published May 11, 2011

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