Top 10 reasons why spring is the best season of the year

By Kay Braddock
Steppin' Out

         Few occasions rival the feeling of spring. 

That’s especially true when considering the endurance-running winter that has hovered over us this year. 
Just a glimpse of a red tulip or violet iris poking its head through the debris of last year’s leaves and fallen branches is enough to brighten my spirits. Or how about hearing the song of a meadowlark? Even greening grass - when not contemplating the weekly mowing chore that lies ahead - is a sight to behold at springtime.
Of all the seasons, spring has remained my favorite time of year. There are lots of reasons why. As a child, spring signified that my birthday was just around the corner – as the years intensify in velocity, this thrill has lost its luster. But still my affection for spring remains. Maybe it’s because spring denotes a time of renewal, rebirth – a fresh start to a new year. Or maybe it’s because Eastern Montana winters are so harsh, it’s just a pleasure to finally be able to step out on my front porch without a triple layering of sweaters, coats, scarves, gloves and hats. 
Whatever the reason, spring is a great time of year and its influence has led to a top ten list as to why I believe spring remains the best time of year. 
10) The long nights are over! Increased number of daylight hours is good for the mind, body and soul.
9) Long walks with Oliver – warmer weather increases my chances of getting outside and exercising, which now includes walking our new beagle pup, Ollie.
8) “Hello!” Opportunities increase to visit with people I haven’t seen all winter. Hibernation isn’t just for bears.
7) Have you seen the red tulips lining the Bolin building? 
6) The meadowlark’s song 
5) No more Monday morning queries like, “Where the heck is my mitten?” This question is usually posed about five minutes before the school’s first bell rings and generally concludes with at least one child going to school in a uniquely fashioned – no doubt trend-setting – mitten mismatch. 
4) Hallelujah! Clear roads are here again. Driving into downtown Terry shouldn’t take 30 minutes, especially when you live four blocks away. This may be a slight exaggeration, but with the number of snowstorms and amount of snowfall we received, Terry’s streets took a beating – along with the crews maintaining them and drivers attempting to maneuver along them.
3) Short sleeve shirts feel good.
2) Outside versus inside playtime. Convincing young children that playing outside, in what feels like 30-below temperatures, is a good idea, doesn’t generally fly when television and video games await in regulated 70 degree indoor temps. 
1) Did I mention the exercise bit already? Somewhere along the way extra pounds have managed to attach themselves. Maybe it’s time to replace the nightly bowl of ice cream with evening walks with Ollie, or, better yet, do both!

Published May 4, 2011

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