What do you think about projects that promote tourism to the Terry Badlands?

Terry should be proud to be called "Small Town USA" with a Norman Rockwell setting below the Terry Badlands Wilderness Area. My wife and I have lived here fpr two years and found the people friendly and ready to help out whenever asked. We want to thank Dale and Kathy Galland, Dale Hellman, Glenda and Chris Ueland, Elden and Laris Netzer, Linda and Russ Schwartz, Sharon Self, Kay Johnson, Tricia and Rick Harding as well as the staff of both the Prairie County and Terry City Hall offices for making the transition from the big town of Seattle to Terry so easy. There are many other people we could name and apologize in advance for any omissions. We need more tourists to support Terry and Fallon businesses with current projects deserving full support of the community. Bob van der Valk, Terry, Montana 59349


What is your favorite part of Fall?: