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An example of the “Pick Pocket Duck” in action, using ducklings to distract innocent victims, is pictured above.

An example of the “Pick Pocket Duck” ...

“All odd ducks quack here” duck hunt in Terry planned

For the Tribune

  A financial reward of $100 is being offered to catch the infamous “Pick  Pocket Duck” from Terry, Montana.

The official duck season ended on  January 30, 2011 in Montana but it will be open season on one particular  fowl so bad she has officially been declared a public nuisance. “PPD” as she  has been named has been noticed hanging around the sidewalks of downtown  Terry to perpetrate her criminal acts and all attempts to catch her have  been futile so far.
The special one-day hunt was announced by  Mark Dolatta, who is the spokesman for the Prairie County Sportsman’s Club  Association, for the first Friday of next month.
Terry, Montana has  long been known to attract some odd ducks to the area but the “Pick Pocket  Duck” has taken the cake by actually stealing dollar bills out of ladies’  purses while they are petting her newborn ducklings. 
For the record an odd duck  is someone with a touch of eccentricity and this one takes the cake for  being the oddest duck of all in Terry.
The $100 reward for catching  the Pick Pocket Duck alive will be awarded by Mayor Ron Kiosse in a special  ceremony to be held in downtown Terry at noon on April  1st. All residents and visitors in Terry at that time are encouraged to  attend this special event.
Duck chasers are encouraged to come out early on Friday to set up their blinds at Murn Park, the Prairie County  Fairgrounds or even watch for the Pick Pocket Duck to come out on the  sidewalks in the vicinity of the intersection of Logan Avenue and Spring  Street in Terry, Montana.
Pre-registration will be required in order  join in the hunt or chase for this pernicious  creature to be eligible to collect the reward.  
Please register on-line under comments of the article posted on line at:
The Fredrickson family, who are local  ranchers in Fallon, Montana, have agreed to adopt this dastardly animal  after its incarceration to rehabilitate it from continuing her life of  crime.

Published March 23, 2011

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