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44 Years ago - April 30, 1964

New Scenic View Road considered
Representatives of the Terry Chamber of Commerce, the Terry Jaycees, Prairie County Sportsman’s Association, Prairie County Commissioners and the Bureau of Land Management, toured the cliffs and badlands area last Wednesday and looked over a new route to Scenic View. 
The proposed route would turn west at the top of the cliffs across the Yellowstone River and follow a somewhat natural plateau to Scenic View. A fairly good trail would be bladed, and cattle guards put in two or three places.
It was generally agreed there was a definite need for further development of the area, and a study will be made and plans developed.
Those attending were Jack A. Brubaker, John H. Trask, Elmer Spidel, Gordon Knuths, F. J. Pomeroy, Sheldon H. Tusler, William H. Allen and Bureau of Land Management representatives from the Miles City district office. 
43 Years ago - June 3, 1965
New Scenic View Road is built
With the help of county road equipment, donated labor by the county road crew, and other volunteer help, a new road has been built to Scenic View in the Badlands across the river from Terry.
The road turns off the blacktop, on Terry hill, skirts the dump area, then follows the rim west, connecting with the old Scenic View road in the hills. 
The distance, made by the new road, is reduced about half of the old road, and is a better road.
The BLM furnished cattle guards where needed. 
Sponsor of the new road was a joint undertaking by the Terry jaycees, the county, BLM and Chamber.
43 Years ago - June 17, 1965
Scenic Drive signs will be made soon
The Prairie County Sportsman’s Association were inadvertently omitted two weeks ago from the list of organizations involved in promoting the new road to Scenic View. As a matter of fact, the Sportsmen were the prime promoters of a new road in the first place.
New direction signs will be posted from town to the new route during the next few days.
The Sportsmen have two sites spotted for a new rifle range along the new Scenic View route. They found a couple places with a ravine between two buttes which would make as good a range as the former one across the bridge on the bank of the yellowstone.
The actual distance to Scenic View from the turn-off on US 10, is 8.3 miles.
Published April 30, 2008
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Scenic View Road


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