Terry boys defeat top ranked Wibaux Longhorns

Terry hosted the Wibaux Longhorns Friday night, coming away with a win after an 8-year slump of losing to the Longhorn team. 
"We were very confident going into this game even though the Longhorns are ranked the number one team in the conference," head coach Nathan Christofferson stated. 
Terry ended the half with a 13 point lead. They came out into the third quarter and made a few turnovers but overcame that shortfalling and continued to push forward. 
At one point during the game the Terriers led by 18. As time winded down Wibaux had no choice but to foul. 
"Come the fourth quarter the nerves kicked in. We wanted this game so bad and finally it came to us,” Christofferson stated. 
The final score was Terry 61, Wibaux 54.
Trevor Pisk led the team in scoring with 26 points, followed by Trayton Schroeber 15, Jerett Freiboth 14, Talon Mack 4, and DJ Hubbert 2.
Saturday night Terry traveled to Plevna, attaining another win for the season with a final score of 49-28. The Terriers started out slow but pushed their way to a 10-point lead at halftime. 
Come third quarter the pace of the game increased. The Terriers were able to press and push the ball and get to the basket. The JV squad came in and wrapped up the game. 
Pisk led the team with 17, followed by Schroeber 10, Josh Stickel 6, Freiboth 5, Hubbert 4, Codey Grossardt 3, Talon Mack 2, and Sergey Fredrickson 2.
Tuesday night’s home game against the Savage Warriors found little favor with the Terry team, as the Warriors were able to pull on top with a final score of 51-37.
Terry pushed the ball right off the bat. At halftime Terry had a 4-point lead. 
The Terriers came out third quarter a bit sluggish. "Today just seemed to be our Monday,” Christofferson stated. 
“We couldn't get much going and didn't play our game.”
Freiboth led the Terriers with 14, Pisk followed with 12, Schroeber 7, and Mack 4.

Published Feb. 2, 2011

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