Agri-Industries buys BR District II machine shop in Terry

 For The Tribune

Agri-Industries, the leader in design, engineering, and installation of water delivery systems in eastern Montana and western North Dakota, has expanded its operations into Terry, Mont. The Terry operation will increase Agri-Industries’ ability to handle pump repair and other specialized equipment repair, a natural extension of its current operations.
Agri-Industries Miles City (AMC) has purchased the machine shop located on Spring Street in downtown Terry from Buffalo Rapids District II. Agri-Industries has sold over 1,000 pivots and continues to make sales, increasing the demand for service of pumps. Additional irrigation projects along the Yellowstone and Missouri drainages are also creating demand for services related to pump repair.  
AMC will continue to be a leader in the water delivery business, but is excited about the purchase of the machine shop in Terry, and believes it will contribute to the future growth of the company while providing a strategic service to eastern Montana and western North Dakota.
AMC partners in the project include First Interstate Bank and Eastern Plains Economic Development Corporation.
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