Thoughts from a farmer: Spending demonstrates out of control federal government

By Dennis Teske

  I get it, the Democrats won the election, now they are going to run the government. They did in fact win the right to govern the country, not to change our form of government. Socialism is not acceptable.

Our Senators Baucus and Tester seem to have forgotten they work for the people of Montana. I understand the calls they received were 30 percent for and 70 percent against the stimulus bill. Don’t you find it strange that the Stimulus Bill would pass Congress in less then 24 hours after it came out of Congressional Conference Committee. No one who voted for or against the bill read it. There was no debate. There was no time. Yet Congress passed the largest spending bill in the history of our country. It was so important to pass, no one could read it. No one could debate it. Our President didn’t sign that bill into law for 3 more days. I thought it was
an emergency!!
I am one who has lost trust and confidence in our federal government to have the ability to make sound decisions. Why do they have a veil of secrecy over their handy work? Most of the bill is pork. Payback for party loyalty I suspect. How soon before they demand more money from the taxpayer to throw down the financial black hole? It won’t be long. No bank or company is too big to fail. The federal government will break this country financially.
Let’s take one area. Healthcare, written in a stimulus bill? The reason its there is simple. The Federal Government hasn’t saved the funds that they collected on Social Security or Medicare. They have taken the money and spent it in the general fund. The money is gone and now they have to create a new source of revenue. Single payer is the plan of choice. The New Health Czar (isn’t that a Russian thing) will study it, and implement a plan for the common folks. That’s you and me. You see, we can never have a healthcare plan that your Congress has. It’s too good and too expensive. Your choice will be limited as it is in Canada and Europe.  Tester promised on Fox News that if any healthcare measures were in the stimulus bill it would be stripped out in conference. His statement was he didn’t want government running his healthcare. It wasn’t stripped, but then government will not limit his healthcare only yours. If you think for one minute the feds can run a healthcare business efficiently, look at their track record the last 30 years running government programs. My goodness they can’t even balance a budget.
The government’s job is not to create jobs, but to create an environment that is  regulation friendly to businesses who do create jobs.
How far will the federal government push before they are pushed back? It seems there are two different sets of rules to live by. One set for the members of the elites and the second for the rest of us.
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