A positive school year takes the contributions of many

By Casey Klasna

  The 2010-2011 school year has started out very well and I am extremely pleased with the first three weeks of school.   The student body, staff, and coaches have created a very pleasant atmosphere. I am staying extremely busy with the transition to the new position and am making steady progress in getting the school going in the right direction with the help and guidance of you, the stakeholders.  

The enrollment is way up from last year and students are being challenged and staying busy with academics.  
I have been making rounds consistently visiting classrooms seeing what the students are learning and how well they are being engaged. I am pleased with the instruction the teaching staff has demonstrated and the involvement of the students. 
Academics are being stressed and student athletes are setting great examples of putting academics before athletics.  
Homecoming was a huge success as our sports teams dominated the playing field and the court. The Homecoming activities were phenomenal keeping a positive image of our school and I have heard great comments regarding the tribute to 9/11.  
A huge thanks goes out to Ms. Straub, Mrs. Paschke, Marvin Varner, members of the Terry High School student council, and others for organizing the 9/11 tribute.  Thanks to students, staff, parents, and community for a successful start to the school year.  Let it be the goal to make everyday better for our school. 
Terry Schools: A safe and positive place to be
With the year underway and the sports teams drawing in huge crowds, there is concern regarding supervision of children at home sporting events.  Many times children at the games are not with an adult and are in places other than in the gym watching volleyball or next to the field watching football. This poses concern when children are not supervised by an adult.  
The Terry Schools AD is to supervise the sporting event tending to crowd control, concessions, ticket taker, officials, facilities, etc. It is very difficult to supervise children on the playground when a game is underway. Without parental supervision, this opens up the concern that children will be prone to injury and other situations.  
We also ask that children that come to a game watch the game and cheer on the Terriers.  Without parental or adult supervision of children, it puts a great amount of responsibility on Terry Schools.  
Let’s work together in making Terry Schools a safe and positive place to be!  

Published Sept. 15, 2010

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