Agri Industries lone bidder for BR machine shop

 By Kay Braddock

Commissioners of Buffalo Rapids District II reviewed a nearly $133,000 proposal from Agri Industries of Miles City to purchase the irrigation district’s machine shop. It was the only proposal that was received by the board. 
A notice of the project’s interest in selling the machine shop was recently published in the Terry Tribune. Proposals were due by Sept. 13 at 7:30 p.m. at the BR District II main office in Terry.
The sale of the machine shop, located on Spring Street in Terry, next door to the Roy Rogers Tavern, also included inventory and equipment housed in the building.
After a brief report from district manager Ray Strasheim on the project’s daily activities, commissioners reviewed the proposal, ultimately opting to table the matter until further review. 
“I guess I don’t think I’m ready to vote on taking it,” commissioner Lance Kalfell said at the Monday evening meeting. 
The proposal was signed by Agri Industries representative David Schwarz, who resigned as the BR project manager last year. 
Along with a detailed list of the equipment within the shop and the value of each item, the proposal included five conditions that were open to negotiation.  
The conditions included: The purchase price of $132, 798, which would include the building, contents and land; Assurance that BR district II pumps would continue to be overhauled at the machine shop for cost plus 10 percent and that BR district II employees would be hired on a contract basis whenever possible to assist in overhauling pumps during the fall, winter and spring months; The machine shop would remain in Terry at its current location for at least five years; BR district II pumps would continue to be maintained under the above conditions for at least 15 years.
Currently the machine shop is used to overhaul the irrigation district’s pumps and also is used to work on several other pumps outside the district on a contract basis.

Published Sept. 15, 2010

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