Terry earns place at Divisional championship game

By Kay Braddock     

     In a scrappy, physical game against the Roberts team, the Lady Terriers came away with their second consecutive win at the Class C Divisional tournament, earning the team  a place at Saturday night's championship game. They'll face off  against the Broadview-Lavina team. at 8 pm. at Dawson Community College in Glendive

     Terry came out with the initial scoring in both halves of the Friday night game against the Lady Rockets. But in a match-up that featured as much back and forth action as the prior evening's game, no well established leads were obtained by either team during most of the game.

     "We played a whole game," head coach Sharilyn Kortum said of the girls. With executed plays and good defense, the Terries were able to maintain a constant presence on the court, she noted.

     "They were a lot like us," Kortum said of the style of play of the fourth placed 6-C opposing team.

     Lady Terrier Micah Kirkpatrick ended the first half with a morale boosting 2-point basket, giving an even 30 - 30 score at halftime.

     With just under four minutes remaining in the game, Terry was able to establish a 13 point lead over the Lady Rockets - a difference that the Roberts team only whittled down by ultimately 2 points. The game ended 66 - 55 in Terry's favor.

     Looking to tomorrow night's game, Kortum emphasized the same fundamentals she has been all season long - maintain a good defense, control the ball and be ready to show up to play.

     Absarokee will play against Harlowton/Ryegate tomorrow at 11 am, while Roberts will face off against Plevna at 9:30 am. Who wins those games and how Terry fairs at the championship game, will ultimately determine whether a challenge game will be played. If the third place team hasn't played the second placed team then a Monday night challenge game will need to be scheduled.

     Seeing Absarokee and Roberts win in both games would take some pressure off the Terriers, since Terry has played both teams and it would ensure a place at the state tournament regardless of tomorrow night's outcome.  

     "Obviously, we can control our own destiny," Kortum said, adding, "by getting first."


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