Small town volunteers demonstrate the spirit behind the Fourth of July

  In case you missed it, Terry’s Fourth of July weekend was one for the books. From the innovative to time-honored traditional events, a fun, family atmosphere was offered to those inclined to take part.

It began with Saturday afternoon’s first-ever Terry Pet-A-Palooza. What a sight! As spectators looked on, animal lovers and their faithful companions flaunted their stuff. Small dogs, big dogs, ugly dogs and cute ones too along with trick dogs, one goose and one goat, marched through a procession with their owners. 
Young and old proudly showed off their favorite pets, adding substance to the old adage that dogs really do look like their owners.
There was plenty of barking, with a number of smaller dogs overlooking their physical stature as they attempted to hold their ground in the face of larger canines. But all in all there were no real skirmishes – even when it came time to judge!
Critiques were made, judging took place and winners declared. 
Despite one young boy’s humorous assessment given to his pet bulldog, “You’re a loser!” at the conclusion of a round of judging – there were no real losers. There never is in those kinds of occasions, where people are afforded a legitimate opportunity to laugh at themselves and each other.
Then came Terry’s traditional Fourth of July Rodeo. With grandstands filled, the open class rodeo offered a dirt kicking, steer wrestling, calf roping, barrel racing good time for young and old. That’s just to mention a few of the events showcased.
Of course the always-popular children’s events of wild sheep milking and kids calf undecorating contest were a part of the show as well. There’s no better sight than watching a cluster of kids, donning cowboy hats and ropes, chasing after a herd of sheep. Even those town kids, wearing tennis shoes and Levis, are fun to watch as they wildly pursue the innocent flock.
Whether you’re a rodeo novice or an old time expert of the traditional Montana affair, a day at the rodeo can’t help but encourage an appreciation for the skills undertaken by cowboys and cowgirls alike as they maneuver their way around the arena. 
Terry’s Fourth concluded with a brilliant show of fireworks and patriotic music. The weekend’s finale gave all ages a chance to commemorate what the holiday is really all about – a celebration of our nation’s independence. Our freedom, national sovereignty and way of life are worthy reasons to celebrate. Whether that’s in the form of a pet parade, community rodeo, family barbecue or a good old-fashioned fireworks display. 
Here’s to Terry and all those behind-the-scenes volunteers that helped honorably mark our Fourth of July holiday. The spirit of small town life is revealed in the charitable actions of many.

Published July 7, 2010

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