Crowd entertained during Terry’s July Fourth rodeo

  From Terry Roping Club

        With partly sunny skies, a few clouds, and a slight breeze, the day was perfect for the 62nd annual Terry Roping Club’s July 4th Rodeo. A nice crowd was on hand and there were plenty of contestants in both the kids’ morning rodeo and the main open rodeo. Ray Granmoe was the day’s announcer and auctioneer, keeping rodeo fans and calcutta buyers equally interested in the rodeo action.

The day started at 9 am with the kids’ rodeo, which featured participants from age zero through twelve. Events offered and the results are as follows:
Ages 0-4 Stick horse barrel race 
1st Laney Baker; 2nd Michael Phipps; 3rd Josiaha Bearley. 
Boot Race 
1st Ira Glade; 2nd Jordan Davis; 3rd Josiaha Bearley.
Ages 4-8 Dummy Roping 
1st Clay Helm; Tie for 2nd;  3rd Billy Baker and Cole Helm.
Ages 5-8 Barrel Race 
1st Riley Buffington; 2nd Cole Helm; 3rd Harley Meged. 
Flag Race 
1st Rylee Penrod; 2nd Cole Helm; 3rd Trace Strub. 
Goat Tail Tying 
1st Tyann Graham; 2nd Rylee Penrod; 3rd Clay Helm.
Ages 9-12 Barrel Race 
1st Paige Moore; 2nd Alexis Schipp; 3rd Haven Meged. 
Flag Race
1st Haven Meged; 2nd Faith Baker; 3rd Paige Moore.
Goat Tying 
1st Haven Meged; 2nd Paige Moore; 3rd Faith Baker.
Calcutta buyers were able to start purchasing contestants prior to the main rodeo. Contestants in the saddle bronc riding, barrel racing, and the old timer’s ribbon roping events were offered to the highest bidder. Purchasing the winners in the saddle bronc riding were: Brent Diegel ($343), Jerry Smalis ($257), Terry Nielsen ($172), and Craig Miller and Steve Thoeny splitting fourth place ($43 each). Winning the barrel racing Calcutta were: Colin Murnion ($770), Bart Meged ($578), Wayne Pawlowski ($385), and Lewis Krutzfeldt ($193). In the old timer’s ribbon roping, winners were: Marge Moore ($304), Fred Sonicsen ($182), and Marge Moore ($122).
With several contestants in each event and added money to the purse, payouts were exceptionally good. In addition to the Roping Club’s added money, Glendive Livestock added $100 to each purse in the ladies pole bending and barrel racing events. Stockman Bank added $100 to the fourteen and under steer riding event. On top of the money payouts, the champion in each event won a buckle. Individuals and businesses have helped out the last couple of years to provide these buckles by sponsoring certain events.
Results from the main rodeo are as follows:
Bareback riding  
1st (only rider with qualified ride) Shannon Rosaan (Richey)
Steer Wrestling 
1st Clint Knutsen (Gillette); 2nd Jason Schaffer (Broadus); 3rd Whit Williams (Broadus); 4th Clay Kincheloe (Huntley)
Calf Roping 
1st Clay Kincheloe (Huntley); 2nd Brad Marshall (Jordan); 3rd Keaton Schaffer (Broadus); 4th Josh Davison (Miles City).
Saddle Bronc Riding 
1st Trevor Ross (Jordan); 2nd Craig Miller (Miles City); 3rd Will Nielsen (Fallon); 4th tie Jake Tescher (Medora) and Lane Green (Cohagen).
Ladies Breakaway Roping 
1st Michelle Wittkopp (Circle); 2nd Tiffany Ogren (Hysham); 3rd Randa DeCock (Colstrip); 4th Ava Rankin (Forsyth).
Kids Sheep Milking (9 and under) 3 man teams 1st Ronnie Gibson, Ruby Bearley, Jordan Davis; 2nd Harley Meged, Loni Kortum, Chase Drange. 
(12 and under) 2 man teams – 1st Zena Smith, Denali Smith; 2nd Hayes Meged, Houston Brown; 3rd Haven Meged, Jakob Doeden.
Ladies Pole Bending 
1st Ellie Rankin (Forsyth); 2nd Bailey Fruit (Ekalaka); 3rd Paige Moore (Miles City); 4th Ava Rankin (Forsyth).
Steer Riding 
1st Connor Murnion (Jordan); tie 2nd & 3rd Kelly Murnion (Jordan) and Colton Green (Cohagen).
Barrel Racing 
1st Carrie Murnion (Jordan); 2nd Emmy Kolka (Broadus); 3rd Dana Penrod (Miles City); 4th Kay Tee Schaffer (Broadus).
Bull Riding 
1st Robbie Mims (Billings); 2nd Skylar Witkowski (Miles City);  3rd Colton Green (Cohagen).
Old Timer’s Ribbon Roping 
1st Flint Fleming & Paige Moore (Miles City); 2nd Casey Dey and Ashley Dey (Miles City); 3rd Curt Wittkopp and Shaylee Hance (Circle).
Jackpot Team Roping  (78 teams roped)
1st Clay Kincheloe and Delbert Moore; 2nd Keaton Schaffer & Enoch Schaffer; 3rd Colin Murnion & Curt Wittkopp; 4th Rod Schaffer & Enoch Schaffer; 5th John Craft & Sage Reed; 6th Clay Kincheloe & Flint Fleming.
Next on tap for the Terry Roping Club will be the annual Ranch Rodeo which will be held August 8 at the fairgrounds in conjuction with the Prairie County Fair. For more information, questions, or to enter, please contact Sharilyn Kortum at 635-2128 or Pat O’Neill at 486-5632.

Published July 7, 2010

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