Badlands run draws many

 By Amanda Breitbach-Ragsdale

Yellowstone Newspapers
Fifty-one runners and three dogs took to the trail for the second annual Terry Badlands Trail Run on Saturday, June 26. Organizers Ryan Ragsdale and Amanda Breitbach were extremely pleased with the turnout, up from 35 runners the year before. The weather was challenging, with heavy rain the morning of the race  forcing last-minute changes to the planned route. Rather than run on the county road, organizers chose to maintain the integrity of the intended course by running a modified distance on the Calypso Trail. Runners who planned to run the 10K distance actually ran a muddy 4.15 mile course, while those who registered for the 5K enjoyed a 2.2 mile distance.
"I was really happy with the turnout. A little bummed that we couldn't  get very far up in the badlands, but hoping next year third time's the  charm," said Ragsdale.
Nonetheless, participants enjoyed a perfect day in the badlands, with  the area at its most beautiful. Due to a rainy spring, grass was high  and green and thousands of wildflowers were in bloom. 
On the 2.2 mile course, Mark Henning of Miles City had the fastest time, with 12:41. Age group winners included Josef Hageman and Rio Frame of Glendive, Eric and Kathryn Lederer of Miles City, Henning and Elizabeth  Smith of Terry, Katrina McLeod of Billings, Gary Johnston of Culbertson  and Sandra Delamater of Glendive.
In the longer distance, Christian Heck of Bozeman had the fast time, with 25:14, followed by Layne Lantis of Terry with a 27:34. Age group  winners included Lantis, Tiel Hart of Circle, Heck, Lisa Holding Eagle of Dickinson, N.D., Jason Rittal, Jenny Woodward and Brad Blumhagen of Miles City, Terri Walters of Billings, Butch Hart of Circle and Siobhan Peters of Gallatin Gateway.
Special recognition was earned by three runners under age 10 in the 2.2-mile. Maysa Walters of Billings, 9, Kyle Henning of Miles City, 9, and Laiten Lantis of Terry, 8, each turned in impressive performances.
2.2 mile results
Mark Henning, 12:41, Miles City; Josef Hageman    13:19, Glendive; Rio Frame, 13:20, Glendive, Caitlin Lantis        13:21, Terry; Melissa Lynn, 13:25, Glendive; Torianna Zander, 13:50, Glendive; Sabrina Temple    13:57, Glendive; Dillon Silvernale, 14:28, Glendive; Maysa Walters, 14:32, Billings; Beau Ackerman    14:59, Glendive; Kyle Henning, 15:00, Miles City; Laiten Lantis, 15:06, Terry; Elizabeth Smith, 17:27, Terry; Amy Lingle, 17:41, Baker; Katrina MacLeod, 17:46, Billings; Dana Arneson, 18:15,  Circle; Sheila Hart, 19:56, Circle; Terri Hogan, 20:56, Billings; Janet Fredrickson, 22:38, Terry; Gary Johnston,    22:54, Culbertson; Kathryn Lederer, 23:59, Miles City; Eric Lederer, 24:00, Miles City; Mariah Tipton,    25:58, Glendive; Tricia Brown, 26:33, Bismarck, N.D.; Sandra Delamater, 31:12,Glendive; Sara Delamater,    32:30, Glendive;
4.15 mile results
Christian Heck, 25:14, Bozeman; Layne Lantis, 27:34        Terry; Lisa Holding Eagle    29:10, Dickinson, N.D.; Matt Keltgen, 30:12, Glendive; Jason Rittal, 30:42 , Miles City; Anton Veverka, 30:43, Richey; Brad Blumhagen, 31:41, Miles City; Joe Carr, 32:40, Miles City; Cole Bilbrey, 32:52, Glendive; Chris Sargent, 33:20, Glendive; Eric Hogan, 33:24, Miles City; Ted Frazer,  33:40, Ashland; Butch Hart, 34:11, Circle; Jenny Woodward, 36:14, Miles City; Tim Brown, 37:03, Glendive; Tina Poncin, 37:29,  Pray; Siobhan Peters, 38:36, Gallatin Gateway; Stephen Base, 40:17, Miles City;  Terri Walters, 40:40, Billings; Lindsay Crosby, 40:41, Bozeman; Tiel Hart, 41:14, Circle; Alexis  Crosby, 41:26, Bozeman; Donna Holman, 41:44, Miles City; Charity Aguirre, 47:46        Miles City, Peggy Stanley    47:49, Miles City
With the help of many local sponsors, the event raised $500 for the Prairie County Economic Development Council's Terry Badlands trail mapping project. For more information about the project and the badlands, visit

Published June 30, 2010

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