Steering youth towards a license to drive

Students must be 14-and-a-half-years-old by the end of the school year in order to take the class.

  “Crank it to the right. Make sure your tires are at the edge,” Terry High School drivers education instructor Casey Schladweiler said to Freshman driver Lacey Waters during a recent lesson. As he continued to give point-by-point instructions, Waters completed a three-point turn.

It’s just one of the lessons Schladweiler has been teaching Terry School’s nine student drivers.
The driving course, which began March 9 with a parents meeting, will finish later this month.  
“It’s easier to teach kids who haven’t driven before, than to break habits of those who have been driving since they were five,” Schladweiler said.
Students are required to fulfill 60 hours of contact time, which includes six hours behind the wheel and 12 hours of riding time. The rest is spent in the classroom.
Between Miles City, Glendive and Interstate travel, students gain traffic experience. Time is also spent along many of the area’s secondary roads.
“It’s vital that the kids learn to drive on (gravel),” Schladweiler said. “You know in their high school years that they’re going to drive on gravel to get to a friend’s house.”
Published May 5, 2010

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