Year-end review points to increased enrollment and budget

 By Terry Schools Superintendent Charles Deisher

       The last letter sent to the Tribune was dated 29 October, and just that fast we are into the fourth quarter. Spring is in the air, Prom is very near (27th), and we have eighteen athletes out for track. The first track meet is 1 April, no fooling, at Glendive. 

April First is not only an early out day, the beginning of a five day Spring Break; it is also the day that the 4th-8th grades are going to METRA to see a presentation of Walking with the Dinosaurs.  Total cost of the trip, less food will be paid from a Small Rural Schools Federal grant.
Budget reviewed
Our General Fund budget increased about $1000 over last year. Better yet we do not have to run a school levy to get to that maximum allowable budget. The budget is up for several reasons, best among those reasons is that we have had an increase in students.  Currently we have 143 students K-12.
We have a $50,000 Department of Commerce grant pending to stretch our Building Reserve funds and put a new roof on the shop.  With good fortune we can get that done this summer.
Student activities noted 
As this is being written Mrs. Haidle has eleven of our FCCLA students at the State Convention in Billings. In a few short weeks Mr. Klasna will take eleven of our Close Up students to Washington, DC. With Casey’s leadership, the support of parents, and the rest of the community those students have really done a great job of raising the funds for that trip. I hope that we can continue the program into the future.  
With academics, band, track, and graduation we have a pretty full dance card for the rest of the school year.  So before I forget I would like to thank the great staff, that keep the facilities going, bills paid, answer the questions and do the teaching, the superb coaches, the parents, the community, and the students themselves for making this a great school year.  Let’s finish up like we started, doing our level best and being SAFE, RESPONSIBLE and RESPECTFUL.
The Board of Trustees and I welcome your input and/or questions.  I can be reached at the school, 635- 5533, or at home, 635-2158.  Thank you for your concern and support.

Published March 24, 2010

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Guest Opinion


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