Fourth place finish positions Lady Terriers in Southern C

By Carly Stickel and Todd Braddock

        The girls’ 4-C District tournament started on Wednesday for Terry’s Lady Terriers as they faced the St. Labre Lady Braves.   Not surprisingly, as often happens in tournaments, being the top seed does not guarantee an easy victory.

St. Labre opened the game with the first basket, quickly followed by Terry’s response and the scoring seesawed back and forth through the first quarter.  While the Terriers’ struggled shooting from the field, free throws carried the day as Terry took control of the game and held off a determined Lady Braves offense, clinching a 57-47 victory and moving on to the semi-finals.
Individual scoring: Lorna Wollman 6, Carly Stickel 13, Kristina Fredrickson 2, Anna Fredrickson 4, Dani Dukart 12, Amy Browning 8, Amanda Haidle 10, Franque Robertson 2.
In semi-final action Terry came to face the Northern Cheyenne Lady Eagles who split the regular season meetings with one victory each.
The Lady Eagles, with their driving attack at the basket, were met and countered by Terry who came out with a 2-3 zone, trying to set the pace, and control the tempo of the game.  Terry’s tough defense and solid shooting from the charity stripe, 73 percent for the game, kept Terry in contention as the Lady Eagles started pulling away.
Going into the locker room down by seven and shooting 14 percent from the field, Terry came out in the third quarter firing on all cylinders and shooting much better, cutting the Lady Eagle lead to three points.  
In a wild fourth quarter, the Terry team showed their competitive spirit and will to win, battling back to tie the game with just minutes left. The teams continued to trade points and fight for an advantage with the game going right to the wire.  The Terriers finished the game shooting 25 percent from the field and lost a tough game 60-62.
Scoring:  Wollman 4, C. Stickel 5, Dukart 10, Browning 19, Haidle 22.
With their tournament life at stake the Lady Terriers brought the A-game to the early morning meeting against Ekalaka on Friday.  Using a stifling perimeter defense and stout inside play, Terry worked to keep the Bulldogs’ inside game from gaining ground. With Terry’s defense holding solid the Lady Terriers were able to push the ball up the court, transitioning into their fast break offense and score easy baskets.
Terry held a comfortable 30-15 lead going into the fourth quarter. Frustration and referee’s whistles brought stagnation to the game with an astonishing 55 fouls called in the contest.  Terry won handily 49-33, cementing their berth in the Southern C Divisional.     
Scoring:  Wollman 6, L. Stickel 5, C Stickel 6, A. Fredrickson 2, Dukart 13, Browning 15, Haidle 2.
Terry’s final game of the tournament pitted the Lady Terriers against Plevna in the consolation finals for third and fourth place.  Both teams struggled to control the ball and had trouble scoring, but thanks to tough physical play and more handy whistles, fans were treated to lots and lots and lots of free throws. Needless to say all but three Cougar players fouled out, four Terry players fouled out and Plevna held on to win 42-36.
Scoring:  Wollman 4, L. Stickel 1, C. Stickel 1, A. Fredrickson 2, Dukart 11, Browning 5, Haidle 12
Terry will compete in the Southern C Divisional tournament in Miles City, Mar. 4-6.

Published Jan. 24, 2010

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