High school basketball teams split games

       The Lady Terriers were not ready for the heat the Custer Cougars would bring to their home court, resulting in the first loss of the season for the Terry team. 

The Terriers were up the first and second quarters playing a disciplined game, attempting to keep the floor spread in the small gym. As half time rolled around, although the Terriers talked about the importance of boxing out, and playing with good guard pressure, they were unable to stop the Cougar’s three pointers. 
Communication breakdowns affected defensive play, as the Terriers found themselves unable to overcome a good run the Cougar’s had over the Terriers during second half action. The final score of the game was Terry 41, Custer 56.  The individual scores are as follows: Amy Browning - 12, Dani Dukart - 12, Amanda Haidle - 7, Carly Stickel -4, Ashley Morast - 2, Lorna Wollman - 2, and Lindsay Stickel - 2.
Home action against the team from St. Labre, found the Lady Terriers maintaining the lead throughout the game.  
The final score was Terry 69, St. Labre 55. Individual scoring are as follows: Wollman - 7, Lindsay Stickel - 2, Carly Stickel - 9, Anna Fredrickson - 3, Dukart - 20, Browning - 11.


The boys’ varsity team switched winning moments with the girls’ team during weekend action, as they won at Custer, while falling short at home against the team from St. Labre. 
Coming out strong during Friday night’s game in Custer the boys defeated the Cougars 65 to 23.  
The boys jumped out ahead in the beginning of the game with a strong lead that they were easily able to keep as the game progressed. The boys played with good ball movement, and overall made good passes, finishing strong.  
The individual scores are as follows: Taylor Pisk - 9, Tanner Stickel - 18, Jerett Freiboth - 13, Trevor Pisk - 5, Trayton Schroeber - 7, Sergey Fredrickson - 2, Weston Luedtke - 9, and DJ Hubbert - 2.
In a back and forth competitive game against the St. Labre team, the Terriers fell short with an ending score of 78-71.
Individual scores were as follows: St. Labre — Jeff Robinson 4, Chase Cuny 13, Ty Fischer 12, Jerico Deputee 11, Daniel Prosad 11, Ty Emerson 19, Isaiah Bird In Ground 4, Arlan Bordeaux 4.
Terry — Trevor Pisk 13, D.J. Hubbert 5, Jerett Freiboth 30, Weston Luedtke 4, Tanner Stickel 16, Taylor Pisk 3.
St. Labre    22 20   15 21      78
Terry     23       16    17  15       71

Published Jan. 20, 2010

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