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Sophomore Dani Dukart goes up for two of her 19 points in tournament play against Custer. Dukart will now help the Lady Terriers try and pick up a win against the Absorokee Huskies on Thursday at 3:00 pm as Terry sets to begin tourney play for at least

In an outstanding district tournamen ...
Sophomore Dani Dukart goes up for tw ...

Third place win earns Lady Terriers trip to divisionals


After what some may view as the Lady Terriers worst showing of the season against the sixth place Wibaux Longhorns team Thursday evening, the girls’ team regrouped and  intensified their efforts. Their determination paid off as they came home, after playing the most games of any other team at the district tourney, with the District 4C  third place trophy Saturday night.
Terry’s initial loss put the team in a must-win situation - something the girls lived up to with a four of four finish against teams from Northern Cheyenne, Ekalaka, Melstone and Custer. 
Playing against Ekalaka Friday night, the girls found themselves in a heated physical match-up.
“We played intense. We played good the whole game through,” Head Coach Sharilyn Kortum said, noting that although mistakes were made the girls continued their efforts throughout the game.
“Ekalaka is a really physical team,” Kortum said.  
The Terry team played the last game of the day on Friday and the first game Saturday morning.
“That’s a hard thing to do, especially after you’ve already played three games,” Kortum noted. Arriving home late Friday night, the Terry team was back on the road to Glendive Saturday morning to face off against the Melstone team at 9 am. And in a game, where Terry established a seemingly easy and substantial lead, the team from Melstone proved a worthy competitor as they chipped away at the Terriers’ lead, edging it into single digits.
“The thing about it is, it’s win or go home. Everybody’s fighting to stay in,” Kortum said of the match-up between Terry and Melstone.
“We could have caved in, but we didn’t. We held together.”
Once the victory over Melstone was established, the Terriers knew next weekend’s destination would be back in Glendive to face off in the divisional tournament. Something the Lady Terriers haven’t achieved since the 2004 season. Only one question remained for the team made up of 12 players, "In what standing will we be entering?"
Facing off against the team from Custer, who had twice beaten the Lady Terriers in earlier match-ups, the Terry team played with heart.
“We knew we could beat them, because we played close before,” Kortum said.
In the victory, every player on the team proved to be a substantial factor. 
“Our whole team was great,” Kortum said, noting how important it is for the players on the court to have the support of the bench and vise versa.
Senior Robbyn Reukauf played an outstanding tournament for the Terriers.
       "Robbyn had a very solid tournament, I was very proud of her. I was impressed with her desire to win and her willingness to do whatever it took. She was great.”
Micah Kirkpatrick proved to be an outstanding contributor to the team as she scored in double figures in every game played. 
“She brought intensity,” Kortum noted. "And was a leader for us all weekend long.” 
With the exception of the Wibaux game, Dani Dukart also scored in double figures in each game and stepped up her defensive efforts throughout the tournament.
“Carly Stickel did a nice job for us defensively and stepped up and hit some nice shots for us throughout the tournament,” Kortum noted.
“Amanda Haidle did a fantastic job for us defensively as she defended our opponents’ best players and held their scoring output to a minimum.”
In the Custer game, freshman Amy Browning stepped up for the team in the first half, scoring at crucial times and going five of six from the free throw line. She also had five very important rebounds and did an excellent job defending Custer’s big girl, Kortum said.
“It took all twelve of our players to make it through the tournament, especially playing five games. Every girl saw playing time at one point or another and was a factor in our success.”
Game 1
Terry 12     7     15     12 46
Wibaux  12   17  9      14 52
Scoring for Terry: Micah Kirkpatrick 13, Carly Stickel 7, Amanda Haidle 6, Tasha Larsen 6, Robbyn Reukauf 5, Kalli Householder 3, Natasha Fredrickson 3, Dani Dukart 2, Amy Browning 1.
Scoring for Wibaux: T. Weyer 21, C. Adorni 11, R. Barthel 9, P. Schieffer 8, M. Hoagland 2, L. Rogers 1.
Game 2
Terry           29     7     22     8     65
N.Cheyenne  2 4       2 7    15
Scoring for Terry: N. Fredrickson 13, Dukart 10, Kirkpatrick 10, Stickel 8, Larsen 5, Browning 5, Franque Robertson 4, Householder 3, Reukauf 3, Haidle 2.
Game 3
Terry       14     22     16     16     68
Ekalaka    5       9    14     18     46
Scoring for Terry: Kirkpatrick 19, Reukauf 13, Dukart 10, Larsen 10, Stickel 5, Haidle 4, Browning 3, Robertson 2, Householder 1, Lorna Wollman 1.
Scoring for Ekalaka: I. Dembo 15, C. Diede 7, E. Guyer 7, A. Markuson 6, R. Perry 5, C. Peabody 4, M. Nies 2.
Game 4
Terry       17      14     8      14     53
Melstone  3      21  10       7    41
Scoring for Terry: Kirkpatrick 15, Dukart 11, Reukauf 8, Stickel 6, Haidle 6, Larsen 5, N. Fredrickson 2.
Game 5
Terry      10     13     17     13     53
Custer   10      16   23       9     58
Scoring for Terry: Dukart 19, Kirkpatrick 13, Haidle 8, Browning 8, Reukauf 7, Stickel 3.
Scoring for Custer: L. Hoffman 18, L. Schuette 17, K. Vu 9, A. Lehr 4, A. Grinsteiner 3, E. Arneson 2.
District 4C Girls Basketball Tourney, Glendive, MT
Players of the game
1 Iesha Dembo Carter County Jessica Thompson Rosebud
2 Alyson Murnion Garfield County Rheanna Littlesun Northern Cheyenne
3  Sara Lawson Melstone Faith Keck Hysham
4  Micah Kirkpatrick Terry Teha Weyer Wibaux
5  Reagan Walker Plevna Iesha Dembo Carter County
6  Alyson Murnion Garfield County Lauren Hoffman Custer
7  Melissa Ashley Rosebud Ashley Watts Hysham
8 Dani Dukart Terry Thyanna Littlesun Northern Cheyenne
9 Reagan Walker Plevna Camie McCaffree Melstone
10 Courtney Adorni Wibaux Lauren Hoffman Custer
11 Faith Keck Hysham Shelby Murnion Garfield County
12 Iesha Dembo Carter County Micah Kirkpatrick Terry
13 Micah Kirkpatrick Terry Camie McCaffree Melstone
14 Lena Schuette Custer Alyson Murnion Garfield County
15 Dani Dukart Terry Lauren Hoffman Custer
16 Reagan Walker Plevna Courtney Adorni Wibaux
All Tourney teams
First Team
MVP - 1 Courtney Adorni Wibaux 
2 Reagan Walker Plevna 
3 Lauren Hoffman Custer 
4 Micah Kirkpatrick Terry 
5 Alyson Murnion Garfield County 
2nd Team 
1 Teha Weyer Wibaux 
2 Iesha Dembo Carter County 
3 Faith Keck Hysham 
4 Camie McCaffree Melstone 
5 Dani Dukart Terry 


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