Poll draws outside interest

 By Kay Braddock
        A Terry Tribune Web site poll is attracting a lot of votes, but they aren’t all from Prairie County. 

The poll, first posted three weeks ago, asks responders, “What is the best way to handle the Scenic View Road access issue?” With four options to select from the poll has attracted 272 votes, as of Wednesday morning. The second highest poll response on the site drew in 59 votes when it asked whether Prairie County should house a horse slaughter plant.
Of last week’s 225 posted votes, only 11 of those actually came from Prairie County, according to the Web site, “What is my ip address?” which looks up ip addresses that individual computers are assigned to in order to access the internet. 
Of the 11 votes registered by Prairie County ip addresses, four voted to negotiate with the landowner by closing the road during calving season, three voted to improve the old Cherry Creek Road, two voted to let a court decide the issue and two voted to keep the locked gate, because it’s private property.
The poll question has been mentioned in various articles in agriculture newspapers and circulating e-mails are encouraging private property rights groups to answer the Tribune on-line poll.
Of last week’s 225 votes, 26 were from New Mexico, 12 were from Texas, 11 were from South Dakota among other various states, according to the Web site, “What is my ip address?”  Thirty-five of the votes could not be traced to an actual location, meaning they could come from Prairie County or another location.
Of those 35 untraceable votes, 28 voted to keep the gate, and the other three options received 2 votes each.
But according to Web site designer Darryl Pisk of B & D Web Design the votes posted doesn’t mean all came from separate computers. Pisk, who along with Ben Billings helped design the Terry Tribune Web site earlier this year, noted users can disable a cookie feature on their computer allowing for multiple votes from one computer.
Poll results can be viewed at The Terry Tibune Web site at www.terrytribune.com.

Published August 29, 2009

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