Start of school is Tuesday, August 25

By Charles Deisher 

      First of all some news that concerns all:

      - The first day of classes, August 25, will be a Friday schedule with dismissal 2:23 PM. 
      - Buses will drop students off behind the high school close to the swing sets and basketball courts.  
      - We request that parents drop off / pick up their students along Towne Avenue either adjacent to the Bolin or Grandey buildings.  
We hope that the change of drop off and pick up points will eliminate traffic problems across campus.  As always please be careful and mindful of our students while driving around our campus.
I wish that I could say that the Bolin Boiler Project is completed.  I can say that it is ‘almost’ finished and ‘nearly’ all the work is done in the classrooms.  There is still some trim work and thermostat installation to be completed in the classrooms.  In the boiler room there is a pressure check to be completed, filling and test firing the boilers, pipe insulation, and roof work to be completed.  Teachers and custodial staff will all be hustling to get Bolin classrooms set up next week.
The new well serving Grandey, High School, and gym, was connected to the water system Friday.  It was tested at 30 GPM with a static drawdown of 30 feet, so we should have great and plentiful water for our students ‘well’ into the future.
If you look among the trophies in the lobby, you will find a new piece of emergency equipment. The Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, Holy Rosary Healthcare, helped purchase an automated external defibrillator (AED).  We will conduct student and staff training on how to use it in case of a heart attack.  We hope never to have to use it, but it is good to have it handy if we need it.  Thanks to the Sisters of Charity our students and fans are safer.
Nearly everything in our school is paid for by taxpayers.  As a local tax payer I am glad that we shared the expenses this summer with other state and federal taxpayers through the following grants:
$173,581 Bolin Boiler Project Dept of Commerce
     $30,000 Grandey / High School Well Coal Board
     $2,000 AED Sisters of Charity
These grants allow our Trustees to stretch local funds, especially the Building Reserve Fund.
Why hire a teacher’s aide to replace Mrs. Stickel?   The aide will continue to provide flexibility in our K-6 reading program and support our elementary library.  The majority of the salary, 75 percent, is paid from federal funds. It is another way of stretching our local dollars to provide for our students. 
 Finally, School District #5 is required by the Department of Environmental Quality to post a PUBLIC NOTICE when we test our water supply for lead and copper.  We tested the Grandey / High School well July 14; both the copper and lead results were below the respective  action levels of 1.3 and .015 ppm.  We have plentiful and safe drinking water.
The Board of Trustees and I welcome your input and/or questions.  I can be reached at the school, 635- 5533, or at home, 635-2158.  Thank you for your concern and support.
Published August 19. 2009
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Guest Opinion


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