School’s approved grants among recent positive developments

 By Terry Schools Supt. Charles Deisher

        Some good fortune has come our way recently.  

First of all, we applied for a quick start energy efficiency grant through Montana Department of Commerce.  The grant was approved for $157,000. This will help fund the Bolin boiler project.  Hopefully we will not have to use our line of credit from Stockman Bank to pay for the project. 
This brings up the question of where then does the money from the February levy go?  The majority of the money voted for in the February election will be placed in the Building Reserve Fund for future repairs.
Secondly, we applied for a grant from the Montana Coal Board.  Mr. Morast, the chairman of the Board of Trustees, and I appeared before the Coal Board and received a $30,000 grant.  This money will be used to replace the well at the high school.  This will solve our water problems at the High School and Grandey.
Earlier this year, we received a $2000 grant from The Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, Holy Rosary Healthcare, to purchase an automated external defibrillator (AED).  You will see it on the wall of the lobby this coming school year.  We will conduct student and staff training on how to use it in case of a heart attack.  We hope never to have to use it, but it is good to have it handy if we need it.  Thanks to the Sisters of Charity our students and fans are safer.
We still have a grant pending with Montana Department of Environmental Quality for half of a school bus.  It is a matching grant but it will update one of our busses for half price and save us about $40,000.  Speaking of buses, the CB and Cabin Creek routes have been combined into a single route.  This will eliminate the often seen, near empty bus traveling through Fallon.
Our new custodians Mrs. Alice Veum, and Mr. Don Self are teamed up with Ms. Katie Higgins, Ms. Samantha Springer, and Ms. Kogele to give the school a good cleaning this summer.  They have finished the Grandey and most of the high school so far.
Summer school is going along well.  Mrs. Lantis is providing great chow, breakfast at 8 and Lunch at 12, to go along with some super activities and field trips.  
Last of all, along with Mr. Wolff, Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Strobel have retired from route bus driving this year.  If you should run into them, thank them for 40 years of safely delivering our students.
The Board of Trustees and I welcome your input and/or questions.  I can be reached at the school, 635- 5533, or at home, 635-2158.  Thank you for your concern and support.

Published July 1, 2009

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