Area runners gather for Saturday’s badland run

The inaugural Terry Badlands Trail Run on June 27 attracted 35 runners, from competitive athletes to beginners and several families. Due to rainy weather the day before, the race could not be run on the original course, but runners and supporters alike enjoyed the opportunity to get out and enjoy the beautiful Terry badlands.
Race organizers Ryan Ragsdale and Amanda Breitbach said they were very pleased with the turnout and wanted to thank everyone who came out for the day. They hope the run will become an annual event showcasing the area.
Results for the run are as follows:
5 K
Nocona Frame 21:30 Glendive
Ben Pehl 21:57 Terry
Jason Rittal 22:44 Miles City
Sabrina Temple 24:21 Glendive
Joel Biggers 24:22 Miles City
Susan Massar 25:18 Circle
Kenan Hart 26:38 Circle
Tyler Forcella 26:47 Terry
Claire McMillan 27:22 Fallon
Erin Pehl 28:08 Terry
Elizabeth Smith     29:44 Terry
Sheila Hart 30:50 Circle
Kevin Layton 32:30 Miles City
Byron Holton 33:49 Vail, AZ
Christy Wert 41:00 Glendive
Jen Nagy 44:23 Miles City
Patrick Judge 37:51 Helena
Lane Lantis 42:47 Terry
Tyler Rinn 43:49 Glendive
Steve Curry 44:20 Omaha , NE
Jerome Rusdal 45:12 Forsyth
Jack Austin 46:21 Miles City
Butch Hart 46:56 Circle
Elaine Dahl 50:18 Helena
Tim Brown 51:17 Glendive
Diana Stanley 52:19 Miles City
Jessica Beacom 53:02 Glendive
Mark Petersen 53:35 Miles City
Gerald Reichert 55:32 Glendive
Chris Brandt 57:37 Glendive
Peggy Stanley 60:45 Miles City
Fun Run
Brendan James 7:50 Glendive
Jaxson Brandt 12:10 Glendive
Sam Layton 32:30 Miles City
Jack Layton 32:40 Miles City
Race sponsors included Brewster's Deli, Blue Rock Distributing, Dairy Queen of Miles City, the Dizzy Diner, Glendive Medical Center,  Kafé Ütza, KATL, KIKC, Mid Rivers Telephone Cooperative, the Miles City Star, Murdoch's Ranch and Home Supply, Pizza Hut of Glendive, Prairie Unique, the Glendive Ranger-Review, Reynolds Warehouse Grocery of Glendive,  Roy Rogers Saloon, Runnings Farm and Fleet, Stockman Bank of Terry, Taco John's of Glendive and Miles City, the Terry Tribune and Wal-Mart of Miles City.

Published July 1, 2009

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