Summer school activities listed

 The first week of Terry Summer School program was a definite splash! The week’s theme was “Splash Into Summer” and included a mini Montana History Unit, Montana Agriculture and Native American Study.  A splash of academics were also incorporated into the week.  Students studied books and authors and began Read Naturally, a computer based reading program.  Daily oral and silent reading was also encouraged.  

Some highlights of the week included a Social Studies unit on Lewis and Clark and Sakajawea as well as hearing about Sitting Bull and learning of the early Native American way of life.  The students enjoyed making Native American Fry Bread and Dream catchers and Native American Pictograph Story books.
Midweek, an entire day was spent full of science.  The group enjoyed Pop Bottle Science, exploring air pressure, gravity and lots more.  
Another day was all about discovering how much fun math can be.  In addition to practicing age appropriate math skills, students learned about mobius strips and how to snip a standard sheet of paper big enough to walk through. The students had fun exploring symmetry through art, tessellations and origami. 
  The week ended with Poetry Day and the group enjoyed writing their own version of “There Was An Old Woman Who Swallowed a Bug”.  
Several homemade books were created and journals including bubble paint pocket books.  High school helpers made giant origami birds for the kids to enjoy at the end of their week.  
Check out the upcoming events happening at the Terry Summer School program.
Upcoming events
June 15-17   Montana Range Days held in Miles City –  fairgrounds & Ft. Keogh
July 1           Diggin’ Dudes at MCC – a One day Archeology class – diggin’ up the past
July 6-10     Children’s Theatre at MCC – allows children an opportunity to get the acting bug!  Special time 2 to 6 p.m.  
The Summer School program will still be open in Terry for students who are not attending these special events.

Published June 17, 2009

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