Circle woman claims $1M lottery prize

  For the third time in Montana history, a couple has claimed a One-Million Dollar prize in the multi-state Powerball game. Marilyn and Chris Bateson of Circle are the lucky new millionaires! 

Marilyn, the co-owner of the Wooden Nickel in Circle, bought a $6 Powerball with Power Play ticket from Schmidt’s Super Valu in Circle for the June 10 drawing. She purchased a ticket with two rows of numbers that she picked and another row of Quick Pick numbers; all with the Power Play option. It was her Quick Pick row that won her the million.   
Marilyn is a regular Powerball player. Marilyn said that she always adds the Power Play option. Without Power Play, her prize would have been just $200,000. 
Kim Smarsh, the Montana Lottery representative for that region, happened to be in the store when Marilyn and her daughter walked in to check the ticket. 
“When Marilyn found out that she was the winner, she started screaming ‘I’m a millionaire! I’m a millionaire!’’ Smarsh said “It was very heartwarming.”
Chris Bateson thinks his wife is very lucky. He said that although they will be cautious with the money, they do plan to spoil themselves a little. “I want to take my wife to Las Vegas,” he said. “I’d also like to see the Red Sox pound the Yankees in Fenway Park.” 
The other two times that a Powerball $1 million ticket was sold was in October 2005 and April 2009. The winners were Brittnie and Dan Keilman of Missoula and Adam and Mandy Clark of East Missoula, respectively. Both of their tickets also matched the five white balls and had Power Play.  
The Montana Lottery was created by referendum in 1986. In the past 22 years it has paid out over $332 million to players in prizes and returned more than $152 million to the State of Montana.

Published June 17, 2009

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