Close-up program begins at Terry High School

 By Amanda Haidle

THS Close-up
Terry High School has organized a new program called Close-up. Close-up is a program that has been around since 1971 and has provided educational programs in Washington DC that help high school students learn how they can play key roles in the U.S. system of democracy. Next year students from the Junior and Senior classes will be traveling to Washington DC in April where they will meet key people in the government, law, business and media. They will also get to visit DC's monuments, which will be guided by highly trained instructors. This will be a positive learning experience for each student. 
Students will be raising money for the trip through fundraisers. They will be running a food booth at the Prairie County Fair, a basketball camp in July, and possibly a pig raffle in the fall.  This program will surely be a once and a lifetime opportunity for the students and will help them learn the importance of their participation in our democracy.  
Members met before school got out and elected the following officers:  Amanda Haidle, president; Dani Dukart, vice president and Taylor Pisk as secretary-treasurer.
Since the program is new to the school, next year’s participants will only have one year to raise the funds so donations are more than welcome.   
For more information, contact Casey Klasna at 486-5051.

Published June 3, 2009

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