Poppy poster contest winners announced

 The American Legion Auxiliary has announced the winners of the annual poppy coloring and poster contest. 

Coloring contest winners are:
Kindergarten 1. Owen Higgins 2. Abe Smith 3. Weston Leach First Grade 1. Tristan Noyes 2. Dalton Helmuth 3. Laitin Lantis
Second Grade 1. Jessica Loomis 2. Levi Smith 3. Kayla Holman
Third Grade 1. Sean Loomis 2. Aaron Morast 3. Melissa Lacquement
Poster contest winners are:
Third grade 1. Jack Leach 2. Kale Gierke 3. Triston Dover Fourth Grade 1. Graciella Cadenas 2. Justin Kinn 3. Kelsey Grene Fifth Grade 1. Deanna Loomis 2. Garrett Morris 3. Lane Stickel Sixth Grade 1. (tie) Layna Grue, Brady Strasheim 3. Austin Kountz. 
Brady Strasheim’s poster is being sent to the chairman to be reviewed. 

Published June 3, 2009

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