Payne’s work at sheriff’s office adds up to much more than filing

By Kay Hoffer

      When Matt Payne began working at the county sheriff’s office in April, he took on the newly formed combined role of office assistant for the sheriff and county attorney’s departments. But today, his role in local government consists of much more than pushing paperwork. 



       Beginning at three-quarter time, Payne now works full-time, fulfilling other duties including serving as both reserve deputy for the sheriff’s office and assistant fire chief for the Town of Terry’s volunteer fire department, as well as volunteering for the county fire department and serving as a reserve driver for the ambulance crew.



    It’s the kind of employment he says he loves.



   “It’s a good group of people to work with and an interesting place to work,” Payne said of the sheriff’s department.



    The sheriff’s office, located at the southeast corner of the courthouse, currently houses Deputy Sheriff Lorin Larsen, Undersheriff Jason Smith, Sheriff Duncan Hedges and DES director John Pisk. The small office may be tight quarters for the five men, but the camaraderie between the group is something Payne says he’s enjoying.



   He began working as reserve deputy a couple months after the start of his employment at the sheriff’s office. He and Clint Grue are the two reserve officers the department has. Payne plans to attend reserve academy the first two weekends in September. Much of his college course work taken at the Central Methodist University in Missouri was deemed as post credit hours, allowing him to begin serving as a reserve deputy for the department. So far he has worked the Fourth of July Rodeo and Yippee weekend along with other occasions. Other calls he has responded to have been as mundane as moving cattle off the road, as well as assisting with accident investigations.  



   He works with Fire Chief Dwight Tague for the Town of Terry’s Volunteer Fire Department. The two men began working in the department, with longtime volunteer fireman Dwight Tague returning to the deparment, the day before the fire engine fire took place at Town Hall, July 16. 



   Payne and his wife Candyce, who is employed as the Prairie Community Hospital’s administrator, moved to Terry in July of last year. When they first came here from Columbia, Mo., Matt was working as an IT specialist for IBM.



    He and Candyce are expecting their first child this week. He also has a nine-year old daughter who lives in Missouri.



    Matt says life in Terry is a good fit for the couple.

    “I grew up in a small town,” he said. Adding, “There were 34 students in my graduating class. I love it in Terry. It’s a great place to live.”           Tribune Photo Kay Hoffer


Published August 20, 2014

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