Donations signal final act for motorcycle group ... for now

     The Prairie County Motorcycle Association (PCMA) is donating $1000 to the Prairie County Roping Club for added purse money for the Match Bronc Ride, taking place Friday evening, July 25 of the Terry Yippee weekend in front of the Prairie County Fairgrounds grandstands.

     The PCMA board appreciates the relationship established between the roping club and the motorcycle group in the past several years. This donation by PCMA is one way to show the Terry Roping Club their appreciation for the willingness shown in sharing  the fairground facility.  

       The PCMA also appreciates that the Roping Club has found a way to fill the void of an event on Friday night of the Yippee, where the PCMA had filled for several years.  

     The PCMA is also donating $2,500 towards the “Save Our Pool” fund in Terry.  

     When the motorcycle club was organized, the mission was focused on doing things for the youth of the community.  

      “We couldn’t see a better current effort to contribute to than the community pool,” stated PCMA member Blayne Watts in an email to the Tribune.     

    After making the donations, the PCMA board voted to dissolve its corporation.   That does not mean that the club is going away forever, but at this current time, its’ structure needs to be dissolved in order to prevent further loss of funds due to taxing and organizational fees.  

     The board would like to thank the local businesses and community for all the support it received through its run of promoting events during the Terry Yippee, and for the community.         

    “Our accomplishments would have never been met without such great support,” Watts said.

Published July 23, 2014

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