New county health nurse begins duties



Prairie County Health Nurse Megan Olson stands at the
door of the coun-ty health department office. 

        Although Megan Olson just began her duties as the Prairie County Health Nurse last month, she is no novice to the department.
        Olson, who first moved to Terry in 2009 as an AmeriCorp Vista volunteer, began working at the health department at that time under the direction of then county health nurse Joan Hubber. That’s where her familiarity with the community and department began.
         “I just fell in love with the overall ex-perience,” she said.
         Her work then in the health depart-ment led Olson to seek furthering her ca-reer in the healthcare field. In 2013 she attained an Associate in Science nursing degree from Miles Community College. She is currently wrapping up a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree from the University of Wisconsin, which she plans to complete in August.
          Olson officially began work June 23 as the county health nurse but had been working with former county health nurse Janet Fredrickson earlier in the month under an internship program for the BS in nursing degree.
           Besides her work as an AmeriCorp Vista volunteer and schooling, which also includes two other Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of Wiscon-sin, Madison, Olson’s healthcare expe-rience includes work as a CNA at Holy Rosary Hospital and providing elderly home healthcare for a local family.
           “I like to be busy and I like to learn,” Olson said, smiling as she described her years of schooling.
           Noting the well-established health-care already available through the work of the county health deparment’s CNA Emilia Pisk and the Prairie Community Hospital and Clinic, Olson is expecting her work to only add to what already ex-ists.
           “I’m really excited to get back and be connected again with the community,” Olson said of her new role as the county health nurse.
            The Prairie County Health Depart-ment is located in the back office of the Prairie Abstract building at 203 S. Logan Ave., and is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For questions or to make an appointment please call the office at 635-2020.

Published July 16, 2014

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