Trans Canada donates $2500 towards school safety fence


 Submitted by Terry Schools

     With school safety being a very significant issue across the nation, schools are being proactive to improve the security of their campuses.  Terry Schools has been proactive in its effort to increase security and ensure a safe and positive environment.   It is our obligation to continue to review our safety plan and procedures to keep the campus safe.  Last fall, it was a discussion at a board meeting to install a fence to serve as a barrier and deterrent from the school playground and Spring Street.  The students at the Bolin school utilize the playground and football field for recess and other activities such as Physical Education.   

     Looking at potential areas that are high risk, the Bolin Playground could be a high risk area.  There is no barrier between the busy road and an elementary playground.  With increased traffic on the street and the changing in demographics in eastern Montana, the board made a motion to install a 5-foot fence around the playground and the north and east sides of the football field.  As you may remember, last September, the football field was vandalized and damage was done to the grass.  With a fence, this will help keep the campus more secure for our students.  This fence will be installed by Dakota Fence and construction will take place this summer.

     After the fence was approved by the trustees, I contacted Jason Rittal and Elizabeth Smith of the Eastern Plains Economic Development Corporation (EPEDC) regarding funding opportunities and grants that could help offset the cost of the project.   Through their efforts, they secured a $2500 donation from TransCanada.  We gladly accepted the donation.  Bud Andersen from TransCanada delivered a check for $2500 that will help with the costs of the project.

     Terry Schools will continue to be proactive with school security.  It is our goal to have a safe and positive learning environment.

Published June 25, 2014

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