Local man recalls riot in Vegas’ MGM Grand after title fight

 “It was the scariest (experience) I have ever been in.”

Those were the concluding thoughts shared by Kelly Hubbert of Fallon, as he described being in the middle of a riot that followed the Mayweather Vs. Maidana fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Saturday.
Hubbert, along with his son DJ and son-in-law Nathan Christofferson attended the fight, that concluded in an unpopular decision, which saw Floyd Mayweather Jr. awarded a narrow majority decision victory over crowd-favorite Argentine Marcos Maidana.
“We were about half way through the exit between the arena and casino entrance and not at the escalators,” Hubbert explained, noting the three men were about in the middle of the pack when they heard yelling and screaming and what sounded like an “elephant coming toward us from the back.”  
People were falling like dominos, Hubbert recalled. He said he felt as though they were packed in like sardines in the exit area.
“I told DJ and Nathan to ‘Hang on!’,” Hubbert recalled. “DJ and I were pushed to the wall and Nate thrown on a table. I was trying to pick up an older man but people kept stepping on him and pushing me.” 
Finally Hubbert was able to help the man stand. Then he recalled a woman screaming that there were gunshots. 
The three were able to run out and meet up at the exit. The stores at the end of the exit were torn apart, Hubbert said, with broken glass, and merchandise like purses and personal items strewn about the ground. 
“We went into the casino and outside as quick as we could,” Hubbert said. “Police were running through the casino.”
Early reports indicated that gunshots were heard in the crowd shortly after the conclusion of the title fight, igniting a panic as the sold-out crowd of 16,228 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena attempted to file out of the facility.     
The Las Vegas Sun reported that 300 to 400 people were involved in the violence, with the injuries including two security guards while ”five or six” fights broke out between spectators.

Published May 7, 2014

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