Donation cans placed as part of “Save Our Pool”

  Fundraising for the “Save Our Pool” campaign  has begun, which has included the placement of donation containers around Terry’s businesses.  

Those interested in donating to the cause can drop spare change into the cans or make checks out to “Save Our Pool”. Checks can be left at Terry Town Hall. 
The “Save Our Pool” campaign also includes the sale of raffle tickets. Prizes include: A first prize half a beef, cut to the winner’s specifications; second prize is a quarter beef plus a barbecue grill compliments of Netzer Hardware and the third prize is a quarter beef and barbecue accessories. The drawing will be held on opening day at the pool.
Proceeds from EMI recycling of aluminum cans left at the bins behind the Prairie Community Center will also go into the “Save Our Pool” fund.  Aluminum cans can be placed in like regular recycling.  EMI will do the rest. 
The repair contractor plans to begin work in May and a June 15 opening is anticipated.  Organizers for the “Save Our Pool” campaign are encouraging those interested to show community spirit and work together to accomplish this improvement to an important part of the  Terry community.

Published April 9, 2014

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