Efforts being made to save pool

 By Rolane Christofferson

Terry Town Council President
Although it may be a little difficult to imagine hot weather and the desire to swim right now, the Town Council and many concerned community members have been shifting our focus to the Terry Swimming Pool.  A group of people willing to work on fundraising have begun meeting and coordinating their efforts to “Save Our Pool”.  
As many of you know, the swimming pool has long had problems with leaking.  So much that, in an effort to keep it at the required water level to utilize the gutter and filter system, we are adding a lot of water on a daily basis requiring a constant addition of chemicals as well.  This results in difficulty in maintaining the correct chemical balance and issues with clarity, or visibility, in the water.  We have been told that, due to the ongoing leaking and resulting issues with clarity, we need to move forward with getting the facility repaired or it cannot be opened.  After exploring various options including liners, we believe the best option at this time is to hire a company to assist in the preparation and complete the application of sealant to all the cracks and joints within the pool.  We have received an estimate on this work that is $47,000 at a minimum.  
In recognizing that the swimming pool is such an important asset to our community, we have decided to move forward with applying for grant assistance as well as organizing some fundraising events.  Donation cans will be placed at various locations within the community.  In the coming months, a raffle will be getting underway with the prizes to include half a beef (cut and wrapped to the winner’s specifications), a quarter of a beef with a BBQ grill, and a quarter of a beef with BBQ accessories.  For those of you social media inclined, a Facebook page with the name “Save Our Pool” has been created to help spread the word as well.  Feel free to contact Town Hall at (406) 635-5411 or terry@midrivers.com with any questions.  Thank you for your support!

Published April 2, 2014

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