Home lifting project attracts attention

From start to finish a house lifting project, that includes pouring a new
cement basement, generally takes two weeks, explained Wiley Crandall,
the owner of Out West Lifters. 

        A house lifting project taking place at the corner of Towne Ave., and Yellowstone St., has attracted a steady increase of traffic as passersby watch the 519 Towne Ave., home being lifted from the ground, according to homeowner Suzanne Thomason. 

Out West Lifters, of Billings, has done this kind of work on several other homes in town and throughout the area. The work includes removing cement sidewalks and steps, lifting up the home and digging out dirt from underneath the home using a Bobcat. The project will conclude with placing the home on a new basement.
The house was originally a Cook home, located south of town and was moved in quickly decades ago and set down on railroad ties, which have now deteriorated and are no longer adequately supporting the home, Thomason explained.
The site of the 519 Yellowstone St., home was originally where the Garst Hospital was located.  That building burned down in 1929.

October 30, 2013

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