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Business opens doors at downtown office

By Kay Braddock 

      Settling into her new location at 206 Logan Avenue, real estate broker Tracey Feickert says her business of matching buyers with sellers continues to remain strong.

“I didn’t ever know that I would be this busy,” she said. “I have more buyers than property.”
Feickert, who became the sole proprietor of Eastern Montana LAND & HOME, LLC in 2008, began working for the company in 2005 under then owner and broker Mark Weeding. Since that time she has sold every kind of eastern Montana property from residential to land, farm and commercial. 
“I can work with people on buying and selling property throughout the state of Montana,” Feickert stressed, noting much of her advertising is seen statewide through her Internet website as well as through magazines and newspapers.
Feickert entered into the real estate field shortly after acquiring a Bachelor of Science degree from Montana State University in 1998. After receiving her real estate license in 1999, she began working in the western portion of the state. During an extended summer visit to Terry in 2001, she began mulling over the idea of working in eastern Montana.
“I realized a real estate company would be valuable to Terry,” she said, noting the many empty lots and homes that existed throughout the town.
With her work expanding beyond the borders of her kitchen table, Feickert quickly realized the need for an outside office. That’s when she moved into the Logan Avenue office, about a year ago. 
As business and experience grows, Feickert has sold eastern Montana property from people as far away as Texas and Florida. Noting the distinctive quality of life offered in the area, she has also come to recognize one simple question each potential buyer needs to answer.
“Have you ever been here?”
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