Prairie Trail opens for third season

        Terry’s  Prairie Historical Trail…along the Yellowstone Trail officially opened May 1 for the third season. The trail originates at the Kempton Hotel, meanders through Terry and west to Prairie County Cemetery before passing an elegant brick out house, a brick jail, the Prairie County Museum complex and back to its beginning.
Prairie Trail places Prairie County on the nationwide circuit of American Volkssport Association which lists the local trail with established trails across the US, in Europe and other areas, explains Darlene  Strobel, chairman of the local trail, a project of Prairie County Chamber of Commerce.
The local trail is marked with gold-colored pineapples, a symbol that welcomes newcomers or guests. New last year to the project, the pineapples were stored away during the winter and should now be returned to steps or walks, signaling walkers of an historic building along the trail, Strobel explains.
Sharing history of local buildings, the trail also follows some segments of the early time Yellowstone Trail which passed through Terry. That trail ran from Plymouth Rock, MA to Puget Sound, WA, operating from 1912 to 1930, marked by yellow stones, much as the pineapples mark Prairie Trail. In eastern Montana the trail passed through Baker, Ismay and Terry before continuing to Miles City and Fort Keogh. In Terry it went west on Yellowstone, probably north on Logan and west on Laundre. A sign marking the trail located on the side of the “Little State Bank of Terry” has been restored and is now visible to walkers of Prairie Trail.
Prairie Trail is part of a group of area trails which are coordinated by the Miles City Volkswalk Club. Besides Terry, trails in the group have been established in Miles City, Glendive and Colstrip.
“The first year our trail was open about 17 people registered and walked the trail and last year we had almost 50 sign in. We hope class reunions and other visitors will look at the trail as a group activity,” Strobel invites.
Although the full trail is a 10K walk, a shortened version is noted on trail directions, keeping the walk in the streets of Terry. The shorter walk is about 5K.

Published May 6, 2009

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