Survivors celebrated at Fallon Harvest Festival

Natasha Fredrickson hands out plastic firemen hats to children gathered
along Fallon’s main street during the afternoon parade.

  With a needed pause from the 90-plus temperatures overtaking the concluding weeks of August, those attending Sunday’s Fallon Harvest Festival were welcomed with cooler temps and a slight breeze. The September 1 day-long event began with a 9 a.m. horse cutting contest and concluded with an evening dinner and street dance. 

Organizers reported over 400 were served lunch and just half that number were served the evening dinner. Great contributions from various community members and businesses were noted as well by organizers.

Connie Hjorth prepares to toss an egg into the crowd,
as she and Delite Dukart play tug of war on their float.

The afternoon parade featured floats with a “Survivor” theme, including aged equipment and vehicles that were still in working order. Several floats paid tribute to those who had survived cancer and other illnesses.

Sister Bridget has fun with sibling rivalry by surprising
brother Buddy Hjorth with a tinful of cream pie.

The parade finale’ included an entertaining skit, which has become a highlight to the Fallon Harvest Festival parade — and usually ends with an unexpected spoof. This year’s prank included a brother and sister pie-in-face duel — with the sister coming out on top.
Former Terry resident, Piney Helmuth, who recently moved just east of Fallon with her husband Josh and family, sang the National Anthem. Bob Lindvig served as the day’s announcer. The concession stand was manned by various volunteers throughout the day.
Winning parade results included: Kids' division: 1st: THS Volleyball girls; Best Themed float: Connie Hjorth and grandkids; Judge's choice:  Fallon Village Council; Best Bike: Casper and Mylo Sackman; Best Skater: Meredith Sackman; Youth Horse Group: Tom Perry's grandchildren; Adult Division: Business 1st-Fallon Post Office; 2nd-Browning Angus; 3rd-Farmer's Union; Organization: 1st-Fallon Homemakers; 2nd-Fallon Volunteer Fire Dept.; Hard Luck award: YaYa sister; Best Male Rider: Dan Dukart; Best Buggy/Wagon:  Gavin and Lexi Gaub/Dukart; Best car:  Gerald Schroeber
Results from the horse cutting competition are: Tie for 1st  Kadie Huber and Dan Thomason; 3rd-Earl Freich; 4th-Craig Huber;
Winner of the horseshoe tournament was Taylor Pisk, while Ione Young won the poker run. 

Published September 4, 2013

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