$5,000 pledge kicks off improvement campaign for Evelyn Cameron Center

  Evelyn Cameron Heritage Inc., received a boost to their efforts with the recent announcement that Stockman Bank will pledge up to $5,000 to launch the Evelyn Cameron Heritage Capital Improvement Campaign. Funds raised will help with the foyer renovations inside the Evelyn Cameron Center. 

The construction project, which is currently in progress, is taking place inside the Center, located at 204 Laundre St., in the former Rialto Theatre. It will include installing a new glass store front to the building and eventually adding bathrooms in an attached building at the southend, along with building a back stair tower and a small butler’s kitchen.
This work is being done by matching grants from TIIP, PPL and Stockman Bank.  
The goal is to reach $10,000 by September 14. Stockman Bank helped launch the campaign by agreeing to match one dollar for each dollar raised for the improvements, up to $5,000. 
“We are so pleased that Stockman Bank has stepped forward to help with this project and appreciate their commitment to our community," comments Board member Glenda Ueland. 
The Evelyn Cameron Center will be a multi-use exhibit center with special emphasis given to Evelyn's vintage photos. Evelyn Cameron Heritage Inc., owns over 900 vintage Cameron photos.  
“I am very excited Stockman Bank can be a part of this fundraising project, as I know it will bring many great benefits to our community,” comments Jere Freiboth, branch manager for Stockman Bank Terry. “It is truly gratifying to contribute to an enhancement that will touch so many lives in and around Prairie County. We encourage the community to get involved to reach the $10,000 goal.”
Anyone interested in contributing to the campaign may stop by Stockman Bank or Sassy One Clothing to donate. Final contributions will be announced at the annual Gala on September 14. For more information about the Gala or to donate please call 406-635-4966.

Published August 21, 2013

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