Fair’s weekend activities draw in crowds

Third grader Anna Higgins chomps down on her corn on the cob. She was one
of many fairgoers enjoying  refreshments offered from the six fairground vendors.

  Favorable weather conditions and plenty of volunteers contributed to the success of the 76th Prairie County Fair, according to county extension agent and fair manager Sharla Sackman.

“It was beautiful weather,” Sackman said of the weekend’s mild, breezy days. 
Saturday evening’s sudden rain shower that dumped rain in about 20 minutes, leaving lakes in place of roadways, was the only dark cloud to the weekend fair  — and it was a brief one.
The downpour didn’t deter the Saturday evening performance of the Teka Brock Band. After the short delay, the band went on and played their scheduled hour and a half performance in front of a gathering of 84 people. All other fair shows saw an increase in attendance. Friday evening’s Parched Prairie Players performance, that was preluded by a brief 4H fashion show and a youth play, brought in 141 people. That’s up slightly from last year’s 133. Prairie Action League’s Bump and Run continues to be a popular draw, with attendance at just over 500. It’s the highest number of attendance on record, since 1994.  Terry Roping Club’s Sunday afternoon Ranch Rodeo also saw an increase in numbers, bringing in 363. That’s the second highest attendance since its 2000 inception.

Parade Grand Marshal Ed Ban smiles as the convertible he
is riding in leads the Saturday morning parade.   

Exhibit halls, filled with 4H and open class entries, were less than full. Some departments were up, some down, according to Sackman. Needlework and arts and crafts entries continue to be on the rise, while canned food and horticulture entries were down.
A detailed account of exhibit numbers and winners, along with bump and run and ranch rodeo results will be provided at a later date.
The five fair vendors offering a variety of foods and drinks were full. A traveling vendor from Forsyth was also located on the fairgrounds. Overall Sackman was pleased with the weekend fair.
“It was one of the smoothest and nicest running fairs,” Sackman said, noting the contributions made by many.

Published August 7, 2013

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