Volunteer firemen take part in state training exercise

     A traveling state mobile training lab was in Terry last week, allowing a handful of firemen to work with the unit.

     The Flammable Liquid and Gas trailer, the only one of its kind in the state, was used during the Thursday evening training session, providing a demonstrated scenario of shutting off valves in fires caused by flammable liquid or gas.

     State fire trainer Steve Harada led the exercise and emphasized the difference of knowing when to fight a gas fire and when to let it burn.

     “In a lot of cases, let it burn off,” he told the group of firemen before the exercise began. Risk a lot to save a lot, when dealing with lives, and risk a little to save a little when dealing with property, Harada reminded the group.

      The firemen worked in pairs during the training exercise.

      While one fireman managed the nozzle pointed at the controlled burn, the other used a Halligan tool to turn a valve located next to the fire. A Halligan is a multipurpose tool used by firemen to pry, twist, punch or strike. The stainless steel tool has a forked end allowing firemen to twist openings and break through walls and doors.

      The exercise lasted a little over an hour.

Published April 29, 2009

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