Filing for mayor and council positions open

     Four of the five Town of Terry Council positions will be up for election this year – two council positions from Ward I, one from Ward II and town mayor.

     Candidates seeking to file for the opening positions may begin turning in their paperwork Monday, May 4, according to Prairie County Clerk and Recorder Toni Kalfell.

     Mayor Marvin Varner, who has served as town mayor for 26 years, will not run for re-election. Varner, who has indicated at recent town council meetings his intention of not running for another term, confirmed that fact Tuesday morning.

     Elden Netzer, who serves as Ward II councilman, also announced he will not seek re-election.        

      “It’s time for the younger generation to run,” Netzer said. He has held the Ward II position for 28 years.

     Ward I incumbent councilman, Ron Kiosse, said he intends to file for another four-year term, as does Ward I incumbent councilman Josh Helmuth, who was appointed to the position last year.

      Candidates seeking election must live within their ward for 60 days. Ward I includes those living west of Logan Avenue while Ward II candidates must live east of Logan Avenue.                          

       Candidates seeking the mayor position must live within the state for three years and within Terry for two years.

      Filings must be turned into the clerk and recorder’s office by 5 pm July 2. There is a $15 filing fee. As of last week, only one application had been picked up, according to Kalfell.

     The lone council position not up for election this year is held by Tom Pisk from Ward II, which opens in 2011.

Published April 29, 2009

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