Prince hot plant in Terry for area projects moves on to Glendive


Construction hot plant moved on last week. The hot plant had been situated on BNSF land located northeast of the I-94 overpass, just outside of Terry’s town limits. 
Belly dump trucks could be seen entering and leaving Terry as they filled with asphalt mix to work on the resurfacing projects outside of Terry. Those projects included improving driving lanes with a “mill and fill” of 6.5 miles in the westbound lane and 9 miles in the eastbound lane of I-94, according to Prince Construction project manager Mike Sharp. 
Another safety and resurfacing project included improving “Dead Man’s Corner” on Secondary Highway 340 outside of Fallon, where the corner was widened and slope flattening occurred. Bigger signs will also be added to each end, warning drivers of the impending corner.
Three streets in Terry also benefited from the repaving projects as the old millings from the interstate were used to resurface the former dirt streets. Prince Construction hauled in and rolled the old millings on the Terry streets at no charge to the town. The project included 1,000 feet on two of the streets each and about 600 feet on another.
Millings used this time were a little dryer than the millings used on another project to improve Terry streets in 2009, according to Sharp. If rejuvenating agents are added to the streets the millings will likely hold up, Sharp said, but noted expense can be a factor.
For the past several weeks the construction company based out of Forsyth leased the BNSF land outside of Terry’s town limits, as they worked on the repaving projects. The company’s hot plant moved on to Glendive for projects there.

Published May 15, 2013
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