Sharing opinions on zoning — a worthwhile endeavor

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  Town of Terry representatives have been undertaking the mission of drafting a growth policy as well as zoning regulations. It’s no doubt been an arduous task. The Tribune’s opinion pages in the past several weeks have given readers a pretty well-balanced look at how each side views the proposed adoptions.

Opinions do matter. Having those in our community willing to step up, stick their neck out and share their perspective publically is a benefit to us all — regardless of whether we find ourselves in opposition or agreement to the views shared. Those speaking up are to be commended. Period. They care enough to read the proposals, educate themselves on the issue at hand and then taking their civic duty to an even more admirable level — they spoke out. It’s easy to criticize an opposing point of view. But how easy is it to publically take a stand and voice our own?
Controversy can make the stomach churn. Opposing viewpoints and heated debate can cause many of us to back away — safely tucking ourselves behind less contentious activities. Well-intentioned diversions, cloaked in admirable or even not-so-admirable pastimes, can serve as distractions, preventing us from getting involved.
Our town’s future is worth your involvement. Don’t take these matters lightly. Town of Terry representatives have posted the proposed zoning regulations on the town’s website, found at Under the zoning commission tab, the zoning draft can be read from the convenience of your home computer. Not techno-savvy, then stop by Town Hall or the Prairie County Library and ask for a copy to read. A minimal fee may be required for a copy to take home — educating yourself on a proposal affecting our town’s future is money well spent.
A public hearing addressing the proposed zoning regulations is scheduled for Tuesday, March 19, 7 p.m.  This will be a time for those who support the proposed zoning draft to speak out, as well as a time for those who oppose the measure to list their reasons why. It’ll give those who haven’t made a decision, an opportunity to sit back, listen and learn — in hopes of coming to an opinion of their own.
Sharing thoughts and opinions is important on such a matter as this. 

Published March 13, 2013

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